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Sad Depression Quotes: Check out the Best Sad Quotes About Depression Sayings And Depressing Quotes about love life Depressed Quotes & Meme With Beautiful Images

People think depression is sadness, Depression is a state of a down mood, we have collected 130+ Most Sad Depression Quotes we selected Carefully For You

Below is a great collection of  depression Sayings that would made you realize that it is not only you who feel the same way, everybody does. So Don’t Forget To Read These Quotes On Depression Give them a read, and let us know what you think.

Depression Quotes  – Quotes About Depression With Images

  • Depression is coming. The incessant search for self. A feeling of emptiness. Madness for something that does not exist. Everything is empty, the loneliness near people. Nothing is good. Silence, loneliness, bitterness, love and pain.
  • There are people who confuse regret with depression
  • I know of so little, that the strings of my piano are dusty, the depression does not let it touch.

Depression Quotes - I Know Of So Little, That The Strings Of My Piano Are Dusty, The Depression Does Not Let It Touch

  • we should not close to love, so we avoid solitude, depression and the space for happiness to enter alone for a little period, never solitude ”depression quotes”
  • For me the Depression is nothing but the absence of faith. – inspirational quotes depression

depression quotes about love

  • To live in solitude is to walk constantly in the fine line between depression and complete sobriety. Both capable of taking the most are of men, to the sickest of inanities – ”Sad depression quotes Depressing Sayings”
  • Depression is the evil of the century. But how much more profitable this one! – Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes - Depression is the evil of the century. But how much more profitable this one!

  • Depression is nothing more than the accumulation of fear, murmuring, negative thoughts, lack of trust and obedience to God, failing to receive healing by faith – depression quotes
  • I think I suffer from Postpartum Depression, my own!– depression quotes

depressing quotes about life

  • The delusions of life can leave us shaken, the weak one justifies himself in the depression to get away from the battle, the wise fight even bleeding, always believing that his blood and sweat will be the essential matter to form a new tomorrow – depression quotes
  • Depression has immediate healing if the mind first lodges the positive thoughts of the Word of God.

Depression Quotes - Depression Has Immediate Healing If The Mind First Lodges The Positive Thoughts Of The Word Of God

  • Wives are going into depression because of the ministerial occupations of their husbands, who have no experience of family zeal – depression quotes
  • Depression is the inferiority complex of the ego, and is offered in the form of an inalienable right.

Depression Quotes - Depression Is The Inferiority Complex Of The Ego, And Is Offered In The Form Of An Inalienable Right

  • If you want a depression, then open the door of sadness and take the first step, and you will see that opening that same door from the inside will be much harder to get out than it was when you entered – depression quotes
  • Depression is too much concern for the past,
    Anxiety is too much concern for the future,
    For both there is healing;
    Turn yourself into the arms of the Father. – depression quotes about him

Depression Quotes – Quotes On Depression With Tumblr

  • “Scientifically speaking there is depression disease, for people who understand its spirit, it is nothing more than a word.” – Quotes About Depression
  • Depression and to stupid aimless because if you that chance to be happy f would not lose it
  • no pressure
    without depression
    without oppression,
    with god in heart …

Depression Quotes - No Pressure Without Depression Without Oppression, With God In Heart

  • Depression is nothing more than to deny your past, live with your conscience clean and free from bad – depression quotes
  • The difficulty of depression is to justify a cry, unjustifiable! – depression quotes and sayings

Depression Quotes - The Difficulty Of Depression Is To Justify A Cry, Unjustifiable!

  • Once upon a time a monkey who stayed 2 years single
    went into depression and killed himself and order.
    … monkeys also cry!
  • Leave me alone
    With my depression
    Only you make me
    Feel love in the heart.

Depression Quotes - Leave Me Alone With My Depression Only You Make Me Feel Love In The Heart

  • The Christmas Spirit died of depression generated by the moral coercion of capitalism … – Quotes About Depression
  • Depression is a natural consequence of undesirable but temporarily overcoming losses.

Depression Quotes - Depression Is A Natural Consequence Of Undesirable But Temporarily Overcoming Losses

  • Recover from your depression by nourishing
    your body well and taking care of your soul in the hands of God
  • Do not complicate your depression!
    Drink tea and put faith in the heart! – sad depression quotes sms

Depression Quotes - Do Not Complicate Your Depression! Drink Tea And Put Faith In The Heart!

  • Escape from depression: overcome sadness!
    If god is the solution, seek His strength!
  • Escape from depression to overcome sadness:
    god is the solution, His strength and strength
  • The blue of the sky is beautiful, not the darkness of a depression. – depression cure quotes

Depression Quotes - The Blue Of The Sky Is Beautiful, Not The Darkness Of A Depression

  • I think I’m going into depression. Nothing else can give me a smile. I speak in this state of deep melancholy, where memories haunt me and longing hurts me. I need a way out; I need to be happy again
  • Depression can be treated if the heart expresses continuous gratitude to God – Quotes About Depression

Depression Quotes - Depression Can Be Treated If The Heart Expresses Continuous Gratitude To God

  • I can go through a deep depression,
    but of my life god is the greatest satisfaction
  • I do not know the difference between sadness and depression. – depression quotes for instagram

Depression Quotes - I Do Not Know The Difference Between Sadness And Depression

  • Love depression … love
    sensation …
    warmth in awe,
    sir just the pain.
    As good as wormwood,
    descending between the entrails,
    giving itself good desire.
  • The Sun When
    It Dawns It Gets in Depression
    But when we see each other,
    it starts with emotion.
  • Depression goes, depression comes!
    Seek in the Father your gratitude,
    For so shall the
    benefits come to your heart.
  • Sadness is just a step to depression. Distract yourself! – Quotes About Depression

Depression Quotes -Sadness is just a step to depression. Distract yourself!

  • he greatest depression I have is because of the world because many do not believe in Christ.
  • The Ministry of POETS warns Amar Mata, Cause Depression and slight headaches
  • I am afraid of the beaks of joy, usually precede a depression. – depression quotes and Messages

Depression Quotes - I Am Afraid Of The Beaks Of Joy, Usually Precede A Depression

  • “The weakness of the human being is the feeling, because it leads in some cases to depression and others to destruction”
  • Panic, depression, phobias, a thousand psychosomatic syndromes …
    crazy world.
    Did this already exist in this enormous proportion?
    I want salvation!
  • Sad, it is to see a being so apparently strong, fall into a hole called depression.

Depression Quotes - Sad, It Is To See A Being So Apparently Strong, Fall Into A Hole Called Depression

  • depression after nothing:
    nothing happened to you, but you get depressed anyway
  • Depression begins when we stop dreaming, relying on movies makes me alive. – sad depression quotes sms

Depression Quotes - Depression Begins When We Stop Dreaming, Relying On Movies Makes Me Alive

  • Go there, try to be happy! And let me drown, leave me in this depression submarine so that at last I can let go of my soul from your past – depression quotes
  • It’s not that I’m depressed that in my story there’s a big hole, a huge depression in the plain of my feelings. – depression quotes
  • Kind acts have the ability to revert feelings of depression, hostility and isolation 🙂
  • So forever alone that no lost bullet hits me. #Depressed Stranded – depressed quotes about love

Depression Quotes - So Forever Alone That No Lost Bullet Hits Me

  • I will never be in total depression, ‘
    cause I know my heart has God.
    He gives me heavenly joy,
    Good reason to think in Heaven
  • Help others when in depression, showing you
    how to be grateful to God for life. – depressed quotes about life

Depression Quotes - Help Others When In Depression, Showing You How To Be Grateful To God For Life

  • A Task For Your Depression:
    Forget the hassles.
    Always rejoice your heart, forming good thoughts – depression quotes
  • If depression is to make people sad, I need to treat myself Urgent! – Sad depressed quotes

Depression Quotes - If Depression Is To Make People Sad, I Need To Treat Myself Urgent!

  • I did all the therapies you have in town. The conclusion came quickly … My problem was happiness. I was not desperate, no, happiness when it is at the beginning is still controllable.
  • “DEPRESSION is a rift that opens on the floor of life – depression quotes
    and leads to a gray and solitary world where a constant cold mist dampens the soul that overflows in the gaze.”
  • Man’s loneliness can cause inspiration or depression!
  • As long as life is well the time runs faster, the best benefit you can take from this brief moment is to help others to be happy …
  • Reading is a chronic state of depression. – depression quotes for guys

Depression Quotes -Reading Is A Chronic State Of Depression

  • The Depression makes you lock yourself in your own world, you end up getting away from people half inadvertently, and sooner or later you end up being lonely, and loneliness, it drives you crazy ….
  • For a soul eroded by depression, all sweet is bitter. – overcoming depression quotes

Depression Quotes - For A Soul Eroded By Depression, All Sweet Is Bitter

  • I’m like a depressive and her depression. You would be my motive. You make me want to live and die at the same time. But I go on, taking life as a heavy burden. When death comes, what a relief I’ll feel. But for now my job is to see you smile. – quotes on depression 
  • The depression of modern days is called knowledge – inspirational quotes depression

Depression Quotes - The Depression Of Modern Days Is Called Knowledge

  • I’m depressed.
    The sadness, the bitter, in the setting of life is the lesson.
  • All these approaches have as common goal, hobbies, addictions and depression.
  • Rise to you, even in the midst of mental confusion and earthly depression. – quotes on depression 

Depression Quotes - Rise To You, Even In The Midst Of Mental Confusion And Earthly Depression

  • Depression was just a letting
    Together brought the truth to the fore
    What money is a tool
    And does not always bring happiness – quotes on depression 
  • When you hit the depression raise your spirit above the earth, because natural wonders will make your mind create a climate of satisfaction and peace. – quotes on depression 
  • The music has a cheating effect, it makes people happy, sad, depressive, or depressive!
  • Overcome the crises of the mind and heart, casting out fear and depression through faith and trust in God. – quotes on depression 
  • Many priests, at the end of their ministries, will pass into empty life, depression and lack of true friends and brothers in the faith, since they exploit only status, fame and exploitation – Quotes On Depression
  • depression
    was so melancholy,
    that she felled
    that no solitude makes her
  • Feelings of depression fall on anyone’s life when they make negative, repulsive, and contrary decisions to the will of God – Quotes On Depression
  • There are those who say that the pains of depression do not come from within, that there is no dominion. This is a misunderstanding because these pains come from the soul. Soul that rebels against the present and corrodes the body for a different future.
  • Depression is meant for humans who reject conformism. – short depression quotes

Depression Quotes - Depression Is Meant For Humans Who Reject Conformism

  • Sadness, loneliness, depression is for the weak. That is, to those who are far from God and from himself. – quotes on depression 
  • Those who suffer from depression do not need enemies. – depressed love quotes

Depression Quotes - Those Who Suffer From Depression Do Not Need Enemies

  • In this life there is no happiness without depression – Quotes On Depression
  • How can someone have depression because someone is around …
  • Depression is my Partnership! – depression quotes about life

Depression Quotes - Depression Is My Partnership!

  • Depression is not a contagious evil, it is something that people teach you, we learn, perplexed synthetically the hate runs in the veins, as if inhaled by the nostrils of an old man, white silk cover my eyes of reality. – quotes on depression 
  • Status: In a depression of dreams.
  • Of what is worth the sadness, depression, frustration if we cannot make them poetry. – quotes on depression 
  • Second = depression
    Tuesday = solitude
    Fourth = sadness
    Fifth = expectation
    Sixth = joy
    Saturday = relief
    Sunday = despair
  • Depression is not always an illness; it may just be a passing state of mind – quotes on depression 
  • I have so many priorities in my life to achieve that depression and sadness do not fit into the list.
  • Get up from that deep depression … Can you hear me? – quotes on depression 
  • If there were to measure problems on a scale, depression would become superb.
  • I need to think without pressure. – quotes on depression 

Depression Quotes - I Need To Think Without Pressure

  • Depression is for those who do not have faith … It is often difficult, but to overcome what we think is impossible is for those who believe in love … – quotes on depression 
  • I can define my sadness in the face of depression.

Depression Quotes - I Can Define My Sadness In The Face Of Depression

  • Being locked in the bedroom is not always depression, it may just be wanting to be alone, away from everything, away from the world. Only you and God – Depression Quotes
  • “Laughter is the Energetic of Life, the Antidote for Sadness and the Cure for Depression, Smile Happiness awaits you.”
  • The worst depression of a human being is – quotes on depression 
    knowing that he could do the best and does the worst. – quotes on depression 
  • What many call depression, may be just the distance between expectation and reality.
  • If you suffer often you may end up in a depression and depression leads to death – Depressed Quotes
  • If fame (success, wealth) brought peace, the rich and famous would have no depression.

  • Depression is a journey out of your body … – quotes on depression 
    Where you see yourself falling, unable to rise, dies overnight, without anything to rescue…
    Because your choice is the exit, from the darkness do not manipulate you.. – quotes on depression 
  • “Anxiety is a time of insecurity that destroys peace. – quotes on depression 
    Depression, a state of restlessness that oppresses the spirit and takes away the ground.”
  • Do not give up on yourself – quotes about depression 
    and do not seek the deep depression,
    Accept that there are defeats in life,
    This is also part of the mission
  • Depression is a time bomb, unfortunately those who stand around “hurt” with the shrapnel. Cruel and silent. – quotes about depression
  • When one has had depression once the daily struggle becomes double when in the world there are people every moment trying to take us down, the weight is great, but never give up on your dreams and be happy – quotes about depression
  • Depression, from a physical perspective, would be like the victory of gravity over nuclear fusion, a collapse. – quotes about depression
  • In sadness we have no will and no sense in doing something. In depression we find it impossible
  • “You got me to put depression, inspiration and happiness in the same thought. Congratulations.”
  • Losses and failures lead us to three stages: depression, acceptance and overcoming. At each stage optionally we determine the time – quotes about depression
  • We live in the generation of depression. Generation where everything is within our reach, where we have everything, but we are so unhappy … ”Depressed Quotes”
  • A person who finds depression something cool needs more treatment than someone who has depression.
  • Imagine a circumference: half is euphoria; the other half is depression. That’s why they always go together. Now imagine a line in the middle: it’s balance or enthusiasm. Be careful not to fall into a vicious circle. – quotes about depression
  • nostalgia of fifth
    depression of fourth
    delusions of
    third dismay of second
    Sunday boredom stupid
    life of Saturday dull
    life of every day
  • Let’s chain the Boredom because it creates the Psychological and Physical Depression making you a mere Sad Human Being, finished and hopeless – quotes about depression
  • Will I end up like the old poets? Depressed dead at a bar table, forgotten over time by everything and everyone leaving only beautiful words to the heart. – quotes about depression
  • Never ridicule anyone who claims to suffer from chronic anxiety, or depression, or any mental illness that is worth it. If you do not know what that is, in your experience, you simply do not know hell to talk about it. – quotes about depression
  • Depression: it is when you stop believing in yourself, and in most cases for futile reasons
  • Depression: excess of past in our minds; Anxiety: excess of future. – quotes about depression
  • Of course I have depression, I had dogs, 8 cats, 3 boyfriends and a family, if I did not get depressed I would be psychotic. – quotes about depression
  • Listening to sad songs: A way to drown yourself in a depression.
  • The best remedy for depression is God. – quotes about depression
  • To the human being a DEPRESSION of the exact size of God
  • Everyone who is very clown, very happy suffers from depression. Those who know really know that not every clown is happy. – quotes about depression
  • Depression is a devil-filled hell devouring a fresh, yet dejected soul.
  • Depression is excess of the past in our lives. * * Anxiety is too much of the future. * * The present moment is the key to the cure of all mental evils – quotes about depression
  • I must combine my uncertainties to escape from the degradation itself by the depression that invades me little by little; – quotes about depression
    I know that I must guard my fears so that I do not fall into the intense doubt of following the unknown;
  • I suffered a lot. Cry. I cut myself. I went into depression. I drank them all. I used drugs. But I stopped and I overcame you. Do you know why? Because you did not deserve to see me down.
  • I’m a liar – quotes about depression
    Drowning in the depression of the deep lake of my mind without peace
    A mind that lost its heart.
  • After all, comes depression. Just to feel more alive.
    That feeling-almost-pain-physical.
    That almost-infinite anguish.
    That sob sobbed.
    That memory carried by the rest of your quasi-life…
  • Good music is a great remedy for depression.
  • Depression is a silent storm; Obscures the clarity of your Sun. The power of inner power changes this rule, through this powerful energy you can disperse all the clouds, effectively impregnating light with the alignment of mind and soul. – quotes about depression
  • I discovered the cure for the depression that plagues our society. If we create a day for everything that prevents us from creating one to know ourselves?
  • The depression seems leprosy, we feel alone and friends these at these times do not exist.
  • “If it’s to have depression, let it be at least a poor depression, which lasts at most two hours since you have to work.” – quotes about depression
  • My body is warning me that I may have depression at any time because of my lack of affection.
  • Do you know how to forgive? – quotes about depression
    Accumulating resentment causes depression and causes serious illness. – quotes about depression
  • The more I try to get out of depression, the more I find myself in it. – quotes about depression

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