26 Best Depression Quotes For Guys

Depression Quotes For Guys

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  • There is no greater risk to living beings than man himself.
  • The eyes were made to look forward and not just to the feet.
  • “When I’m crazy suddenly move away!” For his crises are the cause of my madness !!!!
    His ‘aged immaturity’ has slowly ended with my youth “
  • Life is a mascot that we gain as a gift. So let’s take care of her.
  • Often death suits more than life.
  • “Of some people we must always expect the worst … If something good comes, it is profit, but if something bad comes … Well, you already expected it.”
  • Make a paper boat.
    Put in it the sorrows, sufferings, bitterness, anguish, sadness, depression …
    Put the boat to sail and be happy!

Short Depression Quotes For Guys

  • Sensitive people find it harder to feel contented because when they do not suffer their pain, they suffer the pains of others.
  • Mourning is often not for someone who dies, but for someone who takes away or has to take away from our lives.
  • That moment you realize that you are sober and have no reason to be.
  • When you need it most, no one notices the silent screams of your mind.
  • It is in my greatest pains that I cultivate the certainty that people do not change and that my hopes are only mere illusions that are recreated every time I try to believe in the good side of human beings
  • I feel cold as a winter night. Dry as the ground without the rain. I do not care, I have not reacted. I’m weak, alone. So much I gave, today I receive nothing. So much I did, now no one does for me. Was it worth it? Do not know.
  • Everyone is leaving me, leaving me alone.
    I wanted to be important to at least one person.
    Just for one, I was already happy.

Top Depression Quotes For Guys

  • My refuge is to write
    I write not to go crazy
    I want to be able one day To
    smile, As I smile
    I want to be able one day
    To have friends, as I have already I
    want to be able to one day
    To love you, as I have loved you I
    want one day
    To live, as I have never been able to live.
  • I think I’m an unfinished book, an incomplete person. I can not understand myself, I do not make sense.
  • Was it his fault?
    Was he my bitterness?
    I do not know for certain …
    But, he’s a rock in my shoe.
    It is my seclusion, my repression.
    It’s the reason for my depression.
    He is the one to end my freedom …
  • I’ve never tried suicide, but I’ve already died several times.
  • The pains are small moments of reflection: do not let them become your shadow.
  • I feel like my body is floating. A strange body, those that have wings, land in the shallow water and can not fly. They cut my wings and erased my memories. All I can say is that I have only marks, pains, hidden by a deep desire for eternal suffering.
  • Love makes fools of us, people step on us.
  • No problem is stronger than a person, because there would be no problems if there were no people, people created problems and they could also destroy them.
  • People just do not know how to accept something new, there is always a deconstruction criticism behind every innovation, this can make the creator stronger or put him in a bed in depression.
  • Something more depressing than life?
  • Life is an eternal dismay.
  • Praise the artists still alive. Sometimes they need it to “not die.”

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