22 Top Depressing Quotes About Love And Sayings

Depressing Quotes About Love

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  • “The beginning of depression is comparison!”
  • “The disappointment that others cause us can lead to depression and even total madness, but letting ourselves down can completely destroy us, so let us be vigilant and hold our minds firm, in the conviction that we are God’s precious treasures …
  • Credit card in court hands is a tool of imprisonment, an invitation to suffocation, depression, a financial rush with marital mismatches and unbalanced family grips.
  • Depression, it’s a sad word but be warned. It is only a word, the thought that comes out in truth is of failure. If you do not think the worst, your life has to be better.
  • I will never forget how depression and loneliness seemed good and bad at the same time. Still look.

Best Sad Depressing Quotes About Love

  • Living in the past is living in depression.
    Living in the future is living anxieties.
    Living in the present is living in peace.
  • I just stole reason. And the former owner suffered from depression.
  • In bipolarity, I prefer euphoria than depression; in the mania I am happy.
  • It is a mixture of loneliness, depression and panic.
    That’s how I feel … eyes full of water.
  • Confusing melancholy and sadness with depression may be the evil of the 21st century.
  • Too much pressure or depression?
    Depreciation of the intimately intimate is only to be silent is to have do,
  • Sometimes it’s not depression; it’s just an escape from us.
    It is our body screaming and asking for us.

Top Sad Depressing Quotes About Love

  • It is difficult to give you with depression.
    The soul seems to drown in a sea of feelings.
  • Depression is like a great vessel sailing a sea of melancholy about to capsize and no lifejackets to save us
  • Sadness in the heart, it’s not good no
    Loneliness go away, go away depression, there’s no place for you not to come back no
    better to rejoice to hear a good song, and to think that good times come
    because to live sad, does not give in no way is not life delay is coffin !!
  • Give (Pressure) to your life, love yourself, cherish yourself, accept yourself and make you happy!!
  • “Talk about the cuts and crying during the depression!”
    “There, it’s a pain of the flesh mixed with the pain of the soul …”
  • No matter the color of your skin and the color of your eyes, the depression when it catches you, it catches you; it turns inside out and leaves you all night without sleep
  • I will allow myself to feel joy, love, compassion, guilt, boredom, anger, sadness, depression, fear and, if I fall or are overthrown, may God grant me strength in the arms to get up, firmness in the legs to continue my walk and strength of spirit to overcome the pains of the soul.
  • The place is the same, we are here, where you are hungry, misery, suicides, depression, intolerance. But in that same place, where it has all that, believe it or not, there is still hope.
  • Depression is the imprisonment of the soul, the invisible pain from which we try to fight nothingness, it is a struggle against ourselves, from which healing is not the escape from life, but the union between faith love and persistence.

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