30 Best Depression Quotes About Life

Depression Quotes About Life

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  • To live in solitude is to walk constantly in the fine line between depression and complete sobriety. Both capable of taking the most are of men, to the sickest of inanities.
  • The difficulty of depression is to justify a cry, unjustifiable.
  • Depression is the inferiority complex of the ego, and it is offered in the form of an inalienable right.
  • Leave me alone with my depression only you make me feel love in the heart.
  • Sadness, loneliness, depression is for the weak. That is, to those who are far from God and from himself.
  • It’s easier to blame people for depression than to acknowledge their disinterested progress.
  • Overcome the crises of the mind and heart, casting out fear and depression through faith and trust in go.
  • Many priests, at the end of their ministries, will come to empty life, depression and lack of true friends and brothers in the faith, as they exploit only status, fame and exploitation.

Top Depression Quotes About Life

  • If you want a depression, then open the door of sadness and take the first step, and you will see that opening that same door from the inside will be much harder to get out than it was when you entered.
  • Depression It is the human being far from itself, it is the non-acceptability of the losses and the damages imposed by the very existence.
  • The music has a cheating effect, it makes people happy, sad, depressive, or depressive.
  • As long as life is well, time runs faster, the best benefit you can take from this brief moment is helping others to be happy.
  • Reading is a chronic state of depression.
  • The Depression makes you lock yourself in your own world, you end up getting away from people half inadvertently, and sooner or later you end up being lonely, and loneliness, it drives you crazy.
  • For a soul eroded by depression, all sweet is bitter.
  • The depression of modern days is called knowledge.
  • I’m depressed the sadness, the bitter, in the setting of life is the lesson.
  • All these approaches have as common goal, manias, addictions and depression.
  • The worst depression of a human being is knowing that he could do the best and does the worst.
  • What many call depression, may be just the distance between expectation and reality.
  • If you suffer often you may end up in a depression and depression leads to death.

Top Depression Quotes About Life

  • If fame (success, wealth) brought peace, the rich and famous would have no depression.
  • Depression is a journey out of your body. Where you see yourself falling, unable to rise, dies overnight, without anything to rescue. Because your choice is the exit, from the darkness do not manipulate you.
  • Depression was just a letting together brought the truth to the fore. What money is a tool and does not always bring happiness.
  • When striking depression lift your spirit above the earth, because the natural wonders will make your mind create a climate of satisfaction and peace.
  • Anxiety is a time of insecurity that destroys peace. Depression is a state of restlessness that oppresses the spirit and takes away the ground.
  • Do not give up on yourself or look for deep depression. Accept that there are defeats in life and this is also a part of the mission.
  • Depression is a time bomb, unfortunately those who stand around are wounded by the shrapnel, cruel and silent.
  • Depression is like a cancer, in the soul.
  • Analyze your hair, depression does not trigger just ten problems. The accumulation of nuisances creates diseases that tear the head. Irritability is mortality, toward those without action.

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