23 Best Depression Quotes About Love

Depression Quotes About Love

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  • The depression seems leprosy, we feel alone and friends these at these times do not exist.
  • So forever alone, that no lost bullet hits me. I will never be in total depression. Cause, i know my heart has God. He gives me heavenly joy. Good reason to think in Heaven.
  • Help others when in depression, showing you how to be grateful to God for life.
  • Best way to cure depression is to go to night with no hand money and panties on the floor.
  • Some say that the pains of depression do not come from within, that there is no dominion. This is a misunderstanding because these pains come from the soul. Soul that rebels against the present and corrodes the body for a different future.
  • Depression is meant for humans who reject conformism.
  • Those who suffer from depression do not need enemies.
  • In this life there is no happiness without depression.
  • When one has had depression once the daily struggle becomes double when in the world there are people every moment trying to take us down, the weight is great, but never give up on your dreams and be happy.

Best Depression Quotes About Love

  • Depression is not a contagious evil, it is something that people teach you, we learn, perplexed synthetically the hate runs in the veins, as if inhaled by the nostrils of an old man, white silk cover my eyes of reality.
  • Negative thoughts lead us easily to depression. Let us therefore think positive. Let us always say, it was depression.
  • Not knowing how to live wants to die. To lock yourself and isolate yourself is to open the door to depression and wait for death to come and take you.
  • Depression is a “pressure of” something bad that presses the good things, to get out of the depression one must be in a hurry to improve on extra-size pressure to overcome.
  • Depression is 100% psychiatric. Which mean you have a 100% chance of having it when you want it and 100% chance of not having it when you do not want it.

Top Depression Quotes About Love

  • I feel every moment a strong depression opening gutting my heart, If depression is making people sad, I need to treat myself Urgent.
  • Smiling mouth, mistake, depression look, brightness of eyes, reflection of lamp light, laughing without sound, soul inside eye, lying by mouth, tension in eyebrow. What you see is less and bigger than it is said.
  • Depression was a feeling that plagued others when their lives failed to be desired in terms of brilliance. The same as solitude or sadness.
  • I just realize that being in depression will not help me at all. So, I decided to make my anguish and suffering, just energies and motives to win and rejoice and my joys, reasons to live my life in the most beautiful way that exists.
  • Depression is for those who do not have faith. It is often difficult, but to overcome what we think is impossible is for those who believe in love.
  • I’m like a depressive and her depression. You would be my reason. You make me want to live and die at the same time. But I go on, taking life as a heavy burden. When death comes, what a relief I’ll feel. But for now my joy is to be able to see you smile.
  • Depression is a rift that opens on the floor of life and leads to a gray and solitary world where a constant cold mist dampens the soul that overflows in the eye.
  • I know of so little, that the strings of my piano are dusty; the depression does not let it touch.
  • We should not close to love, so we avoid solitude, depression and the space for happiness to enter. alone for a little period, never solitude.

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