25 Unique Depression Quotes For Facebook

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  • When you need to accept, accept! It hurts less.
  • For coitadistas and victims, every moment is bad.
  • Life is full of relief,
    okay, you can overcome,
    the problem is the depressions,
    sometimes they are very deep
  • At the beginning of a sorrow’s pain, the foolish one drinks the advice of the broken cisterns not realizing that his end is only a mire of sorrows, bitterness, and depressions …
  • Sad Depression Quotes For Facebook
  • “If there are no expectations, there are no disappointments”
  • Love is the starting word, for suicide.
  • Life is like a candle, someone ascends it and it wears away, I think I’ll just blow out the flames of mine.
  • “Then … suddenly, you have a great desire to be better and to love yourself more. Nothing more and nothing less than your heart waking you: You were born to work “
  • Every time you tell a depressed person that he should see life in a more beautiful way, you also tell a wheelchair user that he should try hard to run after his Cinderella
  • I want to get away from my life.
  • Sometimes I ask myself: How can there be happiness in the midst of so much suffering?
  • The cuts on my heart are deeper than those of my wrists
  • It is easier to silence the cry of the heart, than to recover the stillness and sanity
  • Learn to read the letters that destiny writes you or the path of thorns will suit you.
  • The passionate who does not say what he feels for a loved one dies every sun set and revives, full of the same hope, each spring.
  • Short Depression Quotes For Facebook
  • suicide is not an option, life is NOT a game … But it should be treated as such, because when you lose in a game you do not kill yourself, you ball a different strategy and then come back to the game!
  • Our life is made up of ups and downs, but there are hours that we go at the lowest level that we can endure, a series of events that makes us weak and powerless before the life and that is where depression settles and takes care of our whole being.
  • One day you will discover that not everything is what you think it is …
  • Being Perfect is to have as many happy MOMENTS as possible.
  • The truth for those who have never said it is unknown ..
    The love for those who have never loved is unforgettable ..
    The lost truth of defeated love will always be as great as the light of an empty space …
  • Do not follow society, people will command your mind and change you totally.
  • To jump higher it is necessary to lower to take impulse, Such is the life … If it is not seeing light, it is because it is lowered, preparing for the jump! Have patience, trust in God and do not fear.
  • I’m going through the night!
  • Record this Russian expression for your life:
    ” If you wake up without feeling any pain, it’s because you’re dead. ”

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Updated: September 22, 2018 — 8:53 pm

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