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Good Depression Quotes

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“To believe in nothing else is your right, to want to contaminate others with such disillusionment is a heinous crime.”

And just like the phoenix, I died again.

Before you give up, think that you can be someone’s inspiration.

The day wants to smile, raise your head.

If loneliness is to be surrounded by routine, then break it. –Good Depression Quotes

Maybe it’s just that, I know very well to hide the pain inside. Or maybe that, those who cared, did not exist anymore.

Lately things have gotten more confusing. I cry inside constantly, as the antidepressant holds the cry out. Willingness to disappear.

Every time I think something is missing, my heart quickens and tightens, my body heats up and I feel like I’m nonexistent. –Good Depression Quotes

The best and happiest moments of my life, I have created all in my thoughts.

Your story will only have a happy ending, depending on the type of script you are writing.

Suffering exists because, through it alone, sentient beings produce the most valuable raw material in the universe.

Happiness will happen,
whenever you want.

Every moment
Happiness is distant
from who suffers constant.

We should never lose the joy of living.

Good Depression Quotes And Sayings

Only those who allow.

Nowadays money thinks and those who claim to be “people” circulate.

A new day, and a new scar on my body.

People get used to everything, even suffering.

There is no greater enemy than ourselves.

Sometimes I just want your presence, your silence, your embrace and your understanding, not a sermon saying that your problems are worse, or what I should do.

My biggest fear has just come true, I feel that I am losing you little by little

When I tried to be happy, I spoiled myself.
When I tried to smile I cried.
When I loved, I was despised.
When I looked for friends I was abandoned.
When depression came I cried.
By the way, this is my sine and so I will live.

“We could hear our silences shout together.”

Perhaps the call for help is in the deepest silence. –Good Depression Quotes

I’m not the villain of history, but there is no sanctity in my thoughts .. For when you threw me on the floor, it was my choice to stand up, but I would rather keep myself subject to your selfish desires.

Darkness has the power to ward off the evil that torment my soul, it can hide them within its vast darkness. But each of them turn to torment me in the mirror, for all the monsters of which I am afraid, Are in me.

Porcelain skin, princess hair .. I never thought I’d need this to get into an asylum .. But here I am surrounded by sadists who applaud my pain .. And my only hope is to leave this place in fear of having defects Because I will not be alone. –Good Depression Quotes

To assume a depressive state is for her the same as abandoning the abilities of the wonder woman; for him, is to give up the cover of the super man! This is “human being”

The most important person to convince you that you are well is yourself!

“Metamorphosis, transformation ..
What can be expected from the future?
If there is widespread depression there
The lonely man this is the prediction” –Good Depression Quotes

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I’ve had my days of sadness. Good thing is that everything happens. And when it happens we realize that it is we who feed the myths, the kings and the monsters …

Darkness takes all of us! Hope, Happiness, Will to live, Family, friends and etc. Today she is part of me!

Lack of self-love generates immense insecurity, making a person discredit his ability, that feeling can lead to another serious problem, depression.

I just want to thank God one day.

Sinked in boredom. She
did not even see the outstretched hand
Drowned … alone. –Good Depression Quotes

It is preferable to live the most beautiful adventures or misadventures with someone who can make you happy than live without a love; a person who does not love is a person who does not live.

If the smile does not come, then cry. If the tear does not come, then smile.

If the sun does not appear, enjoy the rain.

And in the Dark Ages
I survived the movies and the Caetanos!

The cold is not synonymous with loneliness, as the heat, nor is it, the passion.

What is the use of wanting to withdraw from your own life, if you can withdraw that which bothers you?

Is the sky your limit of strength? For my limit is the amount of constellations and stars in the universe.

It will be beautiful when your high esteem and your self-love will join hands to your heart and embrace your happiness together. –Good Depression Quotes

Taking our own fault is the first step to moving forward.

If the body is the reflection of the soul, one can not expect good health from those who pollute one’s own heart.
Sometimes the health of some people does not work well because they are harboring feelings of destruction.

And I was the dark one, and he was my flashlight

I only had problems while he brought solutions

I just wanted to be like the other girls, but he taught me that I do not need to be normal for him because I was special because he was not like all of them ….

I wish that one day I could dream of actually living outside this false reality, where there are no days, I have to make appointments, I have no commitments, my concern is just to live to breathe, when I realize, I wonder if I just I’m having a bad dream.

There is something wrong with me, I wanted to know your thoughts, to know what to say, what to do with you, I wonder why your tears do not fall, if I feel they should fall?
My biggest mistake is that I’m in love with the wrong person.

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