22 Best Positive Quotes About Depression

Positive Quotes About Depression

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  • The worst of having lived better times of today is that memories take the place of dreams and drown us in a sea of sadness.
  • I ask, who has not suffered any kind of disappointment yet? No one goes through life without this moment, if yours is not yet ready, he will come.
  • Having problem is no longer a problem; problem is to have problem without finding the ideal solution.
  • He who seeks happiness in things, when he ceases to have things, becomes unhappy and depressed Try to be happy with what you have now.
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  • It is definitely not possible to support the body of a depressed person if her spirit does not help to react.
  • If comfort zone were so good, there would not be so many depressive people.
  • “Haunted by life, one day I believed in happiness.”
  • Who saves on the exaggeration of good emotions takes antidepressant, I think! I am exaggeratedly happy …
  • “Whoever sees me smiling does not know the pain I carry in my soul.
  • I felt sad, I did not know why, I did not want to admit to myself that I missed you, so I chose physical pain to ease the emotional pain …
    So I was able to relieve the suffering, I did not leave in peace but I took you in the thought
  • May the heavens accompany us. May the water fill us. May the air allow us to breathe. Let the atoms renew us. May a new sun always be born. May the hope never end. May perseverance live, and above all, that our love may never be finite.
  • The issue is not maturation. Give a woman in her thirties the beauty she had at eighteen, and see if she does not come out again with assholes.
  • Top Positive Quotes About Depression
  • “Many of us live in the longing for a perfect life, and we mistakenly conclude that loss has to do with failure and in this frustration we become depressed. In the absence of elaboration of these situations, depression can advance, becoming the nucleus that generates all disease.”
  • I can cry a few tears sometimes and just let them come out. I’m not afraid to cry from time to time.
  • Mania to value things for the human being: sometimes, we evaluate above what we can afford ..
  • An obscure world
    Thoughts suicidal
    Human hypocrites
    And a girl confused
    Does she jump !!!
  • From time to time I give a way out I
    pretend a smile, that everything is fine There are
    so many people around
    But at the same time nobody
    “Better smile without having a reason, than crying for any reason. Be happy, you do not need motives, just live.”
  • In a world where only colorful and equal butterflies are accepted and admired, continuing in the cocoon is relevant
  • Forget who does not add, because happiness is only happy with positivity.
  • It is as if it were a small span, but deep, so deep, that even small, it becomes monstrous to take only one step.
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