28 Top Motivational Quotes On Depression

Quotes On Depression

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  • I am a slave to my thoughts.
  • “While many are looking for a blissful happiness, I am happy in my own way and with what, for the moment, I have.”
  • Crying for those, who laughed at their tears, is the greatest foolishness of the human being.
  • “Maybe I’m not in full swing, or maybe the judgment is not full.”
  • “This is not a poem!!This is just the scribble of a professional depressive.”
  • The best shelter for a heart is the warmth of a hug.
  • If you feel sad is normal, it is dangerous to give yourself to sadness.
  • Depressed is the person full of life with thoughts full of death.
  • My dream is to wake up and have a happy day, but as it is a dream when I wake up it ends and my day remains unmistakably sad

Motivational Quotes On Depression

  • “… Why is it that any other organ of your body can get sick and you receive compassion except the brain? …”
  • Whoever glorifies self-destroys himself.
  • It’s so beautiful to see someone become an angel to us. The problem is the pain of seeing her become her personal demon.
  • And how many times, with tears in your eyes, did you say you were okay?
  • I keep the fake smile, just not to hear unnecessary opinions
  • What happened to that cheerful, charismatic, smiling boy? Where did that kid go that even amid the sadness found the motivation to move on? I do not know the reason, but I know that his soul now isolates itself into immense darkness.
  • “Imagine you at the bottom of a pit all dark, there were people talking very close, screams and no one hears you, screams, screams and no one hears you, hits the walls and nobody sees you! hear you. “
  • Fear, sadness, anxiety. Human feelings that today cause dread in many people.
  • One day, in the park, a friend came to meet me to vent.
    -I want to disappear. He said as I threw food to the ducks.
    – Escape the routine, break the rules, see the beauties of the world, stand alone.
    “And what’s stopping you?” I asked, turning my gaze to him.

Top Quotes On Depression

  • I will not repeat the same words as before, they caused me pain …
  • Life rubbish.
    Trash of humans.
    Sun litter.
    Light garbage.
    Air garbage.
    Trash by day.
    And so my poetry ends.
    That’s rubbish, though.
  • The pain in the soul and the deep anguish of a heart, is so terrible that it causes death to be desired, not for the purpose of life, but for the relief of pain. For those who feel this pain, the anguish of death is in the background.
  • There is no storm capable of soaking a man’s dry soul.
  • If you think life is bad, if you kill, you will not feel it anymore. (You will not feel anything else to tell the truth).
  • Think as much as you can about avoiding something that is always thinking.
  • My affection cannot subdue
    your lack of affection. Neither the lights of my eyes can be lost in the darkness of your heart, For my verses will not heal my great depression, nor the lack of love that I feel in your heart.
  • Staying close to someone so depressed is kinda exhausting. You may feel pity, but you cannot ask the person to try to compose himself as well.

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